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Legislative Report

Review what’s happening at the Statehouse each week during the Legislative Session.

2021 Legislative Session Preview

“If there was ever a feeling of uncertainty in the air, this is the year. Up until this week, it was unclear if, how and even where lawmakers would conduct their business in the middle of a pandemic.”

Also in this issue: 2020 Elections, Committee Change-up, Lobbying Toolkit, Livestream Upgrades, Legislative Calendar

May 2020 COVID Update

“Governor Kelly during her press conference this afternoon announced that she will VETO House Bill 2054, which the Legislature passed last Thursday during the one-day Veto Session and Sine Die adjournment. The bill included several COVID-recovery provisions, most notably limiting the Governor’s powers during a state emergency.”

Sine Die 2020 Newsletter

“The most pressing issue the Legislature may consider is a proposal to limit the Governor’s powers during a state emergency. The State Finance Council last week denied Governor Kelly’s 30-day extension of her emergency declaration now set to expire May 26. Republican leadership has been critical of her emergency orders and the “Reopen Kansas” plan, which they consider to be too restrictive on business and harmful to the state’s economy.”

Also in this issue: House and Senate Tax Committee, Commerce Committee, Judiciary Committee, FI & I Committee, and Veto Session

January 2020 Newsletter

“With tax revenues exceeding estimates almost every month this fiscal year, expect to see some tension around how that excess money is spent. From expanding state government programs to providing tax cuts to their constituents, legislators are coming back with their ideas and proposals in hand.”

Also in this issue: live streaming from the Statehouse and the Kansas State Library

January 2019 Newsletter

“The Kansas House and Senate leadership have indicated that there will be a focus on issues that did not get passed during the 2018 Session. Passage of a tax bill will be a top priority.”

Also in this issue: 2018 elections and seat party changes, and legislative advocacy 101

January 2018 Newsletter

“Other issues such as transportation funding, prison funding, Medicaid expansion, the disabled waiting list, workforce training and economic development programs need to be addressed during the 2018 Session. However, these issues have once again taken a back seat to the education debate despite the growing need for attention and an increase in funding.”

Also in this issue: Brownback administration changes and 2018 elections

January 2017 Newsletter

“Expectations are that the 2017 Session will be longer than the usual 90-day session, with at least 100 days already approved. In addition, more than one-third of the legislature is new, including several new committee chairs and new members. With so many new legislators facing some of the most complicated issues in years, there is uncertainty how the major issues of the session, such as budget cuts, tax reforms, school finance formula and Medicaid expansion, will be addressed.”

Also in this issue: 2017 legislative session issues, House & Senate Leadership, and Kansas Legislature 101

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